Building Maintenance Manuals


An investment into a maintenance program can help you avoid much larger expenses in the future. The simplest of maintenance items such as clearing drains, caulking and painting, and cleaning gutters are often forgotten or neglected resulting in a major and much more expensive repair


LCI provides a unique service where we’ll research an entire property, identify all maintenance issues, and provide a descriptive manual and schedule for when these items need to be addressed throughout the year. In addition, a matrix will be provided to your maintenance team as an easy to follow system to integrate into their daily workflow. If followed, it’s a system that will extend the useful life of the building and have a positive effect on your bottom line.



Why are building maintenance manuals necessary?


  • An association or property manager has an obligation to maintain common and limited common area elements. Without a reliable system that shows the building maintenance team when components need to be maintained these components may not get the regular attention that is needed to keep the property maintained.


  • Owners can extend the useful life of their buildings if a good preventative maintenance plan is in place. Because preventative maintenance plans help prevent the need for premature replacement of building components the homeowners will not be disrupted with major repairs or replacement more often than necessary.


  • A good Preventative maintenance plan will reduce the need for unnecessary expenses and special assessments if the components are maintained and not allowed to fail prematurely. The owners can be thrown into a very difficult position if it has to pay assessments for replacement of building components.


  • Buildings will remain safe and provide the service they are intended to provide if maintained properly.


Tracking and Management Tool


The LCI maintenance manuals are documents that can be used as a communication and tracking tool to make sure that tasks are getting done. The maintenance manual is used in conjunction with the operations and project closeout manuals that were supplied at initial construction. These manuals tell the team when maintenance procedures need to be done, what things to look for and will provide a sign off matrix to keep track of what has been done. With good communication, clearly defined task assignments and written expectations building maintenance status can be reviewed with our maintenance schedule in minutes. The property manager, and owners assigned to make sure maintenance is implemented can track the progress by reviewing the matrix sign off sheet.


​What is included in the maintenance manual?


  • How to assemble a maintenance team
  • Maintenance process flow diagram
  • Component inventory
  • Maintenance schedule matrix
  • Optional DVD video training