Forensic Investigation and Litigation Support


In order to determine the source of a building issue, it’s important to use an experienced team of construction experts. Looking at building problems, finding the cause, and providing a solution is what we do. When construction projects are not properly designed and managed, there are many problems that can occur. Our team of experts has been in involved in countless building envelope studies, depositions and court appearances which bring a unique and extensive base of knowledge to any legal team.



Forensic Investigation Process


1. Non-invasive Observations

  • Review of Construction Documents
  • Interview with Owners, Property Managers, Occupants and previous Consultants and Contractors
  • Visual review
  • Moisture meter testing
  • Research
  • Infrared thermography
  • Determine areas for intrusive investigations


2. Invasive (Destructive) Investigation

  • Solicit insured and bonded Contractors for intrusive demolition and repair
  • Remove the layers of the buildings envelope, one layer at a time, to understand what is occurring underneath. Once an area has been “opened” we can observe the damage, measure the prevalence of the condition and determine what defects may be present.


3. Report with Recommendations

  • Emphasize life-safety and code compliance issues
  • Provide clear, concise and comprehensive understanding of the building issue